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Advanced Artificial Intelligence

In Artificial Intelligence training course you learn Python, Principles of Machine Learning, Deep learning fundamentals with Keras, Deep learning fundamentals with Pytorch, Reinforcement Learning, Speech Recognition Systems, Natural Language Processing, Neural Network, Azure Machine Learning, Chatbot and Tensorflow.

What is Artificial Intelligence

By now, we are quite sure you would have understood the roles and responsibilities of data scientists.Machine Learning (ML) scientists build methods for predicting product suggestions and product demand and explore Big Data to automatically extract patterns. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are integral parts of data science, where techniques from both such as regression, predictive analytics and more are applied. If you are an AI aspirant, you might want to consider more about becoming a machine learning engineer.

Why you should choose a career in Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the latest buzzword in Tech. All the major enterprises will make use of AI in the future to improve their productivity. Tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook have already climbed on the bandwagon of AI. So what are you waiting for? Both Data Science and Machine Learning are generating more jobs making these two areas the fastest growing tech employment areas today.

According to the latest industry estimates, an AI professional with an experience of 2-4 years can earn annually ₹ 15-₹ 20 lakhs ($20.6-27.5K). Experienced professionals with 4-8 years can expect up to ₹ 20-₹ 50 lakhs ($20.6-68.8K).

The demand for AI certified professionals will grow along with the developments in AI. Getting trained in AI will give you an edge over other IT professionals as AI is the future of IT.

Some of the job titles related to Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Analyst
  • Data Sciences Lead
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Mining Specialists