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Advanced Web Development

In Advanced Web Development Course you learn HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4 , JavaScript, ES6, jQuery, TypeScript, Node.js, Express, npm, Angular 7, MongoDB, MySql, React, Redux.

What’s stopping you from starting a career in web development?

Everyone either needs a website - or new features for it. The demand for web developers is huge, and it’s not going anywhere unless someone shuts down the internet. It’s so much simpler to learn. So, you are going to build a website. Great, plan the functionality, sketch the design and start coding. You don’t have to do any magic, you just do your job every day, punch in the code, and collect your salary. You always know that at the end this website is going to have the exact functionality you’ve planned. That’s not the case with other IT related jobs. It’s much simpler to do, and it still pays very well. You can make some serious money working as a web developer if you know your frameworks and browsers, you pretty much have it covered.

Just Learn how to develop effective and captivating websites using the latest development tools. Frameworks have become an essential part of web development. As the standards of web applications are always rising there is a stronger demand — more than ever — for coders that are able to work with web standards well.